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Three TEDxGeorgeSchool Speakers Announced

by Ralph Lelii, IB coordinator and English teacher

A few years ago, I read a biography of Darwin. It was long and exhaustive, and I learned a great deal, but what I took away that sticks is this simple theory. Species that survive are not necessarily the strongest, or the smartest, as is often asserted by politicians in the heat of the campaign trail, but the species that is most adaptive to the environment it inherits and shapes. If I were stranded on an island alone with a jaguar, there is no doubt who would adapt and survive, even though I can quote a certain amount of Shakespeare verbatim, even some Yeats, and the cat cannot. Continue reading

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A Commitment to Art

by Ralph Lelii, English department

When I attended the TED Conference in Vancouver last March, I was surprised by the number of presentations that involved art and design. It seemed as if every presentation drawn from science and engineering was interspersed with one that emphasized aesthetics, craft, and design. I have been watching the presentations again over the past few weeks so as not to lose them from my working memory, and this has made me aware once again of how powerfully art seems to impact our students. Continue reading

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Reflecting on TED, Preparing for TEDxGeorgeSchool

by Ralph Lelii, English department and TEDxGeorgeSchool coordinator

In preparation for, and anticipation of, our TEDxGeorgeSchool conference on June 13, I recently attended a TED Conference in Whistler, Canada, a skiing town about three hours north of Vancouver in British Columbia. Whistler was the site of the 2010 winter olympics, and it is about 8,000 feet above sea level, a lovely, distant locale populated mostly by serious skiers and snowboarders from all over the world. In the midst of this idyllic vacation resort, about 800 people gathered for a TED Conference. Continue reading


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