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Step is Life

Our George School Ambassadors have been asked to write about their favorite club on campus. Autumn ’16, shares why she loves the R&B Step Team. 

My parents have always told me that the quality of a product is only as good as the work that you put in. 

Hello World!

My favorite club is less of a club and more of a team. The step team is a group I’ve been a member of since freshmen year. I fell in love because of the great connections I made with  teammates and the inspiring motivation I felt from my captain during the first year. After two years of hard work and dedication I am now the captain! The step team meets on Tuesdays at 6:00 p.m. There are twenty-four girls (although the team is open to boys and girls, I think the guys are too intimidated to join us). I guess when it comes to step at GS we go back to our childhood days when guys believed girls had cooties and they were too scared to try out. I don’t blame them, we’re pretty awesome.
Step has its roots in the South African mines where making sounds with one’s body was originally used to replace drums. It is the creation of rhythm and beats using ones body as the instrument. To me, the most important traits required for step are discipline, trust, confidence, and precision/unity. These are the things I try to instill in my team through bonding activities and drills. It may sound militaristic of me but drills are my favorite exercise in step. It reminds me of the movie Cadet Kelly starring Hilary Duff when she was sent away to military school and she became a city girl turned drill master, just like me! Continue reading

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