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Just North of Retford

Our George School Ambassadors were asked to share their favorite spot on campus. Read on to learn about Jake’s (Class of 2016) favorite spot. 

It is strangely comfortable how safely and spontaneously my back melts into the mix of brick and backpack that function as the pit stop for this specific realm on campus. All around me, people of all shapes, sizes, ages, and ethnicities, whiz by, but I remain at the pit stop–refueling–sometimes with a friend, ofttimes alone, as the day turns to after light and the academics morph into athletics. I sit and I rest. Some would find it uncomfortable, almost strange and meticulously attention grabbing, however here, and when I saytwo bushes intertwined with brick in the background. ivy on the ground here, I mean campus, it is normal – accepted, if I may. So I lay, under the bush of no blueberries, to the north of Retford. I wait, I know not of the event I place myself there for, but I know that its arrival is soon to come. It brings me joy, just to ponder, to think and push down the pedals of my mind, knowing that body will remain in rest as soul effects change in the pit stop. Continue reading

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