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Sarah Mayer ’21: A Beautiful Sunrise

by Sarah Mayer ’21 

This week I wanted to share, a beautiful sunrise my friend Aqua Withers ‘21 and I took together while on our way to class! These pictures highlight one example of our beautiful campus!




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Zau Haskins ’21: Why GS Teachers are Different


by Zau Haskins ’21 

George School creates an environment that helps build you up and help you at your worst. This week has been a very challenging week with many obstacles including: many tests and quizzes, organizing conflicting obligations, keeping up with my sport, and overall just balancing the many responsibilities that come my way. Even though I have many things to juggle at GS, the community helps guide me in ways to help. For example, I had a big math test this week that I did not feel prepared for and I also had different meetings and sports I also had to go to. After feeling very overwhelmed that I would not have anytime to go to a math consultation with the teacher, I reached out to her with my dilemma and we brainstormed times we could meet or ways she could help. We finally agreed on a time outside the consult time that she cold meet me for my test. At GS, if you just reach out to your teachers or anyone with your problems, they always are happy to help! It is nice to know that you have a staff and community behind you to lift you up in your times of need.

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Why Choose the IB?

Andrew Arth

By Andrew Arth ’19 

Hello Friends, and welcome to week 2 of the blog.  The number 1 question I get asked on tours is why did I choose to pursue the International Baccalaureate Diploma.  “Do you even plan on going abroad?” they ask.  “Is it better than AP?” or “Why do you need a second diploma?” are the two follow-ups which I always am ready for.  Well, let’s start with the basics.

Yes, IB is a secondary diploma which is an addition to your George School diploma. No, it is not required by George School, in fact it is wholly optional. No, it is not “better” than AP and AP is not “better” than the IB, they are simply different entities.  And to answer the last question of why, I think it is more important to understand the minds of George School students.  As a community we are a group that tends to seek out knowledge, to question preconceived notions, and lean into the unknown.  We embrace dissenting opinions in search for a greater truth, in search of the light.  So, you may be asking at this point, “Well, how does this at all relate to the IB?”

In my opinion, the IB only helps to expedite this process of in-depth thinking.  It truly is a worldly education and an opportunity that not many are afforded.  It places emphasis on real world skills like writing, field work, research, and reflection.  The IB not only pushes the idea of exploration, it necessitates and places students in opportunities to do so.  When writing Internal Assessments, you are evaluating and offering solutions to real world, modern day problems.  You are not training yourself to be the problem-solvers of tomorrow, you are becoming the problem-solver of today.  It is much more than an academic tick mark, a diploma to hang on the wall, and a conversation piece to impress interviewers down the road.  It is a way of thinking and learning that is more holistic, encompassing, and reflective than any else, in my opinion.  So when the question of “why IB?” is raised, I think to myself “why not?”

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Meet Andrew, Class of 2019

Andrew Arth

by Andrew Arth ’19 

Hello Friends, to begin I would like to introduce myself.  I am Andrew Arth, a senior day student, IB Diploma candidate and two sport varsity athlete.  I will be taking you through my first term of my senior year at GS, but first you should get to know me a little better.  The story starts with my brother, who graduated in 2014 and showed me what George School was, what it is, and what it could be.  I fell in love with it at first sight, infatuated and drawn in by the sprawl of South Lawn, the history of the brick, and the energy of the students.  Fast forward, almost eight years and here I am.  I am a co-founder and leader of a club, 2 year member of the Discipline Committee, a 3x varsity captain, a writing center mentor, and perhaps most importantly writing this blog to you, the reader, right now.  This is my most important task to date because I want to share what George School means to me and what it could possibly mean to you.  There will be ups and downs, highs and lows, victories and losses, but most importantly there will be one constant: George School.  It is the glue which holds our very community together. Let me share it with you.  Signing out for now.



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Step is Life

Our George School Ambassadors have been asked to write about their favorite club on campus. Autumn ’16, shares why she loves the R&B Step Team. 

My parents have always told me that the quality of a product is only as good as the work that you put in. 

Hello World!

My favorite club is less of a club and more of a team. The step team is a group I’ve been a member of since freshmen year. I fell in love because of the great connections I made with  teammates and the inspiring motivation I felt from my captain during the first year. After two years of hard work and dedication I am now the captain! The step team meets on Tuesdays at 6:00 p.m. There are twenty-four girls (although the team is open to boys and girls, I think the guys are too intimidated to join us). I guess when it comes to step at GS we go back to our childhood days when guys believed girls had cooties and they were too scared to try out. I don’t blame them, we’re pretty awesome.
Step has its roots in the South African mines where making sounds with one’s body was originally used to replace drums. It is the creation of rhythm and beats using ones body as the instrument. To me, the most important traits required for step are discipline, trust, confidence, and precision/unity. These are the things I try to instill in my team through bonding activities and drills. It may sound militaristic of me but drills are my favorite exercise in step. It reminds me of the movie Cadet Kelly starring Hilary Duff when she was sent away to military school and she became a city girl turned drill master, just like me! Continue reading

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Why I Chose George School – Rob

Our George School  Ambassadors were asked to share their stories about why they chose George School. There is no typical George School path but they all share a common thread: a love of people and learning. Read on to find out what made Rob ’16 join the George School community. 

“The school’s statistics and campus were very nice too, yeah, but George School isn’t the only school with good numbers and nice buildings. The hospitality I felt during my tour was the factor that distinguished George School from the rest for me.”

I found George School in a pretty uninteresting way compared to many of my peers. A few of my relatives attended here, so I grew up with a second-hand familiarity with George School. But I didn’t think about applying until after my freshmen year of high school. I decided to apply as a new sophomore having been disillusioned with my experience as a freshman in public school. It was a rather spontaneous let-me-just-check-it-out decision to tour and apply to a few boarding schools. It was probably the best spontaneous decision I’ve ever made. Continue reading

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