Montreal, Sunday, June 16

by Jada

Hi everyone, this is Jada. I am going to tell you what happened today, June 16th, on the Montréal service trip.

Fortunately, we had a late start. Some, including myself, saw this as an opportunity to get more rest. Meanwhile others used the extra time to bond by playing cards. All of us made sure to enjoy our last minutes in our Québec City Airbnb. Since, we not only adored the house, but also loved the city.

Our last moments in the city were spent at Le Billig, a crêperie. At brunch almost all of us struggled to order because we wanted to maximize our amount of crêpes, while staying within the budget. For some this meant sharing crêpes, while others simply ordered two crêpes. All of us enjoyed Le Billig both for the amazing food and their equally amazing staff. The employees even recommended a street fair to us, which we stopped at momentarily. However, we had to hurry because we made plans to see the waterfalls before our departure from Québec City.

We took the scenic route to the falls, which provided us with a nice preview of the falls. However, the preview did not compare to the waterfalls in person. They were absolutely stunning. I was not only amazed by the beauty of the falls and the surrounding nature, but also by the different people who visited them. We saw people of various backgrounds coming together to enjoy nature, which was nice to see in an era so focused on technology. For this reason and many more, it was hard to leave the falls, but we had to head back to Montréal.

The car ride back was full of discussions, music, naps, and food. For me, discussions revolved around French movies, tv shows, music and expressions. Needless to say, we listened to a lot of French music in the car. I was so focused on the conversation, the music, and navigating that I did not have time to take a nap. However, I was refreshed by the potatoes and tea that I got at Tim Hortons. Overall, the ride was long, but I enjoyed every minute of it. The fun didn’t stop when the car ride ended. We continued to amuse ourselves with food and games at our Airbnb in Montréal.

We ordered from Poutineville. Some of us took a chance and tried poutine, while others stuck with American cuisine. However, all of us enjoyed our meals and the time we spent gathered in the living room. We continued to bond by playing a singing game. The game required us to break into teams, the couch team and the table team, which in turn brought out our more competitive sides. However, the team also required cooperation within the teams. We ended the night with the table team, Renee’s team, winning. This was the perfect way to say goodbye to Renee who was a great supervisor and our song connoisseur. We will miss Renee very much, but we are excited to welcome Kim. We are also excited to see what the following days have in store.

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