Montreal Service Trip Day 1


by Rachel Brown ’20

Excitement was high as the 10 of us awaited for our departure in Gate A11 of the Newark Airport for our Montreal Service Trip. Our arrival to the airport was joyful as we sang along to modern music and played games to familiarize ourselves with each other. As we worked our way through the TSA, a few of us were called to be randomly checked, which was suspenseful yet we all made it through one way or another.

We arrived at the gate at 9:50 am and waited until our boarding time of 10:20 am. As we made our way into our seats we felt our excitement rise as we knew that we were going to be in Montreal, Canada in less than an hour.

The flight was smooth, as Johanna and I watched Mama Mia 2 and before we knew it we were on the ground in Canada. Customs was exciting, we saw things that we have never witnessed before such as Advil dispensers, and a quick and efficient check in system contrary to the States.

When we arrived, there was a bit of chaos with different Air BnB’s and car exchanges however we made it to our house in one piece. We then made our way to get some sushi, which happened to be all of our favorite foods. As we enjoyed our miso soup and sushi rolls we basked in the glory of the kindness of the Canadian people.

We then had time to relax and chill out while buying groceries for the apartment, which was at a market called Marché Eden. Overall, our first day although a bit chaotic was successful in learning to go with the flow and learn to deal with what we were given.

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