by Javi Vidal ’20 and Jake Armbruster ’19 

Today at approximately 6:15, we woke up extremely tired. It was our final day in Cuba and we were going to hike to the bottom of a waterfall (1700 feet). We went with some of the younger members of the church.

It was exhilarating watching the bus climb up and down significant angles on a wet dirt road. We started our hike around 10:30. The trail was extremely slippery due to recent rainfall and very steep, but we finally made it down after about an hour. At the bottom, the waterfall flowed into a swimming hole where some of us took a brief swim and a natural shower!

Afterwards, we turned around and climbed back up, stopping many times to catch our breath. At the top, we ate a delicious Cuban meal with a view over the valley.

When we got back to the church, we were greeted by the Moorestown Friends School students who are doing service here for the next eight days. While it was fun to see new faces, it was also a bit chaotic as we all had to reorganize to make room for everyone. They are about to start their Cuban adventure just as we are about to finish ours.

Tomorrow is our flight home! We loved the trip to Cuba and will definitely miss it, however, after two weeks, we are looking forward to our homes.

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