Wednesday in Holguín

dinner (2)

by Miles Pinnock ’19 

Today we painted a church in nearby town called Floro Perez. In my opinion, it was the best work we’ve done so far on the trip. It was the hottest day we’ve had and afterwards everyone was so tired that we all took naps inside of the church. Despite that though, we painted the outside of the church a very bright baby blue, including the facade. I painted the entire left front wall and then gave it a second coat with a roller. Then helped out with Claryn, Cheri, and Kayla painting the two columns on the veranda. It was very rewarding, hard work. I fell asleep after I was done. We had a great lunch at a restaurant nearby and then came back to the church where I fell asleep again. We left the church around 3:45 and went to climb La Loma de la Cruz. It was 465 stairs and you could see the entire city from the top. It was so serene that I couldn’t even grasp the entire beauty of my surroundings with my phone, it was one of those moments where you just have to be there in person. After that, I (along with Cheri and Ryan) had dinner with Eric and his wife at their home where we conversed about Miami and cats over delicious pizza, spaghetti and bread pudding. A great night! Tomorrow we will take a hike and visit a waterfall but we need to leave at 7 am.

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