Sunday in Holguín

By Kayla McDow ’20

Today we went to our first real religious service at the church in Holguin. This was very interesting and strange for me because I am not used to the atmosphere of a church. I was expecting more Quaker-like sessions but so far more Quaker-identifying Cubans lean into the Christian aspects of Quakerism. This approach makes me wonder the difference between regular Christianity and Quakerism here in Cuba.

Later, we went to a beach about forty-five minutes away. It wasn’t as nice as the first one. There was trash everywhere, the water was dirtier, and there were so many people. I’m glad I didn’t wear my bathing suit. Then we ate at a restaurant that took two and a half hours to bring our food, but that was okay because from what I saw everyone enjoyed it. Everyone was grateful, especially since we are now more aware of the food shortage going on. We didn’t really see it in Havana or Matanzas.

I can’t wait to get to work tomorrow! We are going to go work with children with disabilities which should be fun for everyone.

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