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By Eugene Anku ’20 Isaac Lee ’19

This weekend we could finally take a break from digging and fully immerse ourselves in the West Virginian culture. Not wanting to lose any time, we woke up early and went straight to the Organ Cave. We learned so much about the Civil War and how the confederate soldiers tried to get gun powder without being discovered. We did laundry on Saturday afternoon and had a very interesting conversation about history with an elderly person in the laundry service. Then we went bowling that evening, surprisingly Isaac won and got a high score of 143. He tried to play two songs in the jukebox but it never got played. On our way back, we picked up Overlord, a Nazi zombie movie for our team bonding activity. The movie was amazing and we learned so much about history and science fiction. On Sunday, we moved out from our first home and went to our second home. It is extremely spacious and it has more than one bathroom. We got Wendy’s for lunch, which in our opinion, is much better than Burger King. Our new residence has a basketball court so we played basketball all day long. We are all excited to work at the new site tomorrow.

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