Washington, DC Wednesday

by Ava Doty ’20

Martha’s Table is a food bank, provides classroom spaces for teaching children ages 1-4, and has a kitchen that makes food for 200+ people by sending a free food truck to two locations in the city. We were put to work in the kitchen, which was a large clean space. Tammy and Kenzie cut zucchini, Chris and Charlotte pruned broccoli, Anisgul chopped tomatoes, and I started on mincing around 50 cloves of garlic. Having previous experience in food prep from a summer job, I finished the garlic in about 10 minutes. I then moved to the first onion of many. After doing another task in a different room, I then returned to the room where everyone was chopping. All 5 people in our group were simultaneously cutting onions, and as soon as I entered the room I bust into tears from the onion juice. Everyone in the room was balling and sniffing from the sheer amount of cut onions. We prepared and packed tins that would later given to anyone who needed a meal.

by Peter Zha ’20

Today’s D.C. transportation experience wasn’t the best, especially it went from the decent modern subways to the delayed buses. It is a good way for us to have a taste of what the majority of the residents here will have to go through every day. The service facility was a donation center built in a middle school, where they receive a huge amount of various clothing, namely formal clothing, everyday clothing, baby clothing, etc. We selected the clothing in good conditions and put them on display for people in need. There are also other programs for baby toys, technology supports, and school supplies. Surprisingly, the owners of the Marriot Corporation visited them anonymously, and because of their dedication to helping others, the couples gifted them a computer lab for major selection. Later in the afternoon, we had a second church dinner, where we cook food for anyone in need. There were some familiar faces from yesterday, and also new clients. The whole experience was a lot smoother since we all knew what to do.


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