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By Isaac Lee ’19 Eugene Anku ’20

Today was a half day, we went to the construction site and finished up digging so we can make a lovely house for the family. The work was hard but the sense of completion was satisfying. The fact that we completed the work in one and a half days was just amazing! Before we left, the van got stuck near the creek. The camaraderie involved in pushing the truck showed how much we have bonded over a few days. We gathered all our strength at once and pushed as hard as could to get the van out. We had lunch at Jim’s Drive in and took a picture with the manager who posted it on social media, check us out! Afterwards, we went to the Greenbrier Hotel which is a “secret” declassified underground bunker, it was so cool! They talked to us about the bunkers history and the reasons why it was constructed, mostly due to nuclear warfare during the Cold War. Now we need to get some rest so we will be energized enough for tomorrow’s work 🙂

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