Washington, DC-Tuesday

By Charlotte Kim ’20

On our second day of service our group headed down to an organization called A Wider Circle, where items are donated and taken by people who need them.

When we first got there, we were welcomed by the lead volunteer, who talked to us about the organization and showed us around.

While we were there, we cleaned and placed mirrors, pieces of art, picture frames, pillows, and rugs. It felt good whenever someone picked out what we had cleaned and displayed.

After lunch, we helped organize clothing. We took away clothes that seemed stained, ripped, or damaged, and organized clothes that were in good condition on the racks.

After our day at A Wider Circle, we headed back to the church, where we helped prepare dinner for the homeless. Once the food was all prepared, we sat down and interacted with the guests. It was nice to talk to them and make connections.

Today’s service was truly memorable and fulfilling.



By Josh Saskin ’19

Today was another early day for Kim’s group. We started off by taking the bus to the DC Central Kitchen, where we were greeted by a warm staff. We spent the morning slicing bread and fruit, labeling containers, and organizing meals for shelters around the city. I really enjoyed today because I got to interact with many different people and see how much work goes into the process of providing for those with food insecurities. Afterwards, Kim let us have some time to explore on our own before we headed back to the church, so the five of us went to Reren, where we enjoyed ramen and xiao long bao, which is a staple of shanghainese culture. From there, we enjoyed bubble tea, explored Chinatown, and even got a chance to go inside the National Geographic museum that has an interactive exhibit on Egyptian queens. We then met up with Kim again and headed to the church, and we met Cassie to talk about the upcoming dinner we would be making. Tonight, the YSOP groups had the pleasure of cooking enchiladas and other dishes alongside one another to feed the roughly 20 homeless people who would arrive to have a meal, relax, and maybe even play a game of uno. While I was a bit hesitant at first, I was surprised by how well I got along with the man at my table. Peats was a man who volunteered at the church, wrote for the local newspaper, and had a degree in music. Charlotte, Cat, and I were overjoyed to find out that he had been recently accepted for an apartment and was about to become a homeowner. By nine o’clock, we were all exhausted and headed back to the house. Some of us showered and relaxed in our rooms, while others laughed at the table reminiscing about each other’s earlier years at GS. I’m definitely exhausted, both mentally and physically, but I’m starting to feel like we are making a difference, little by little, in the DC community.

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