Washington, DC Day 1

Day 2

by Catherine Orescan ’19

Today we visited the Covenant House for service. Upon arriving, the manager of the House gave us a tour, showing us rooms ranging from classrooms to a miniature clothing boutique. After the tour, we split into two groups. Chloe and Josh took on the “Dove Room” where they organized clothing by size, style, and color in order to make shopping more accessible for clients who visit the Covenant House. Mindy, Peter, and I worked on clearing, cleaning, and organizing a room in the back that the staff wants to use for storing and organizing donations. The House receives items including clothing, toiletries, handbags, and much more. Mindy and I specifically emptied handbags full of toiletries and miscellaneous items that we then organized into two sets of drawers. We ended up having to reorganize three times because so many items had to fit into the drawers! What most impacted me and my individual group was the incredible influx of donations that the managers of the House had to shift through and organize. They were constantly overwhelmed by the bags and boxes of clothing that needed to be sorted and displayed. I realized that although it might seem so easy to donate garbage bags full of clothing, the people on the receiving end of the donations often are understaffed to handle everything. Overall, it was an enjoyable day to see how our hard work transformed the two rooms our group worked on.

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