Cuba Day 1

By Molly Stephenson and Cheri Mellor

Up until now, we have not had any Internet, but now we are IN!

Friday we arrived in the afternoon and were met at the airport and went directly to our host church Consejo de iglesias, where we are staying in Havana for the next few days. Our accommodations are perfect! The Boys are upstairs in three spacious romos and the five girls share another big room on the second floor and the three leaders are across the hall. We are walking distance from the ocean in the Miramar neighborhood of Havana, and we all already are enjoying the warm weather after the cold days in Bucks County! At night, we went to the Morro, a Spanish fortress to see the reenactment of the firing of a canon aimed at enemy pirates. Oh my goodness….. We got there at 7:15 and waited with baited breath until 9:00 for the BIG BOOM (only one boom, mind you). There were at least 400 spectators for the occasion and guess what?, this takes place every night at 9:00!!

Today, Saturday, we spent a very productive morning of service. Once we divided into three groups (the girls painted a large dining área; half the boys weeded an overgrown garden and the other half cleared, raked leaves and cleaned a large parking área. We all worked straight through, with plenty of cold wáter, lots of music and comraderie. After another great lunch, we went to the historical district of downtown Havana and visited the Museum of the Revolution, and explored the old parts of town. The colonial arquitecture was beautiful and many of the buildings were undergoing restoration or freshly painted. Our ice cream tasted yummy as we took in the sights and sounds of Old Havana. Cuban rhythms could be heard everywhere. We saw people dancing in the streets (!) and finished our afternoon with a quick trip to the picturesque Malecón, Havana’s long sea wall that attracts so many locals as well as visitors. Tonight during worship sharing after dinner, each one of us shared what made us smile today.

The food is abundant and varied with fresh fruit juices, salads, rice and beans, garbanzo dishes, cabbage, tomatoes, chicken and pork and great desserts. Oh, yes, the coffee is fantastic!! We are being very well taken care of.

There is lots of UNO going on right now before their 10:00 bedtime. Buenas noches for now. Stay tuned.

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