A Guide to George School Terms


The MDA library shines at night.

by Robin Bouchet ’20

Being a student at George School means understanding the slang that travels around and makes its way into our culture. This is a non-exhaustive guide to George School slang.

GS – A true classic… Stands for George School

FAC – Fitness and Athletics Center, the body of GS where the gyms, pool, trainer, and fitness center are located.

MDA – the brain of GS, over 20,000 books in print and 100,000 eBooks accessible from its portal. It’s the Mollie Dodd Anderson Library. Religion classes and the WASH (Waghorne Academic Study Hub) are located here.

EFC – The religion class all freshmen are required to take. Essentials of a Friends Community. An introductory class that is one-term long about Quakerism and the SPICES.

Shift – Shift Co-op, one of the many co-ops here at GS, you work in the kitchen and in the dining hall for one meal a week cleaning the dishes and helping around.

MFW – Meeting for Worship, a required moment in your week where you spend 30 minutes in the meetinghouse reflecting.

IB – International Baccalaureate, a program at GS with a 99% success rate where you get a second high school diploma with a focus on international studies. It sometimes counts towards college credit, too.

Consult – consultation, a moment to meet with your teachers about anything you did not understand in class. Going to consult is a sign of strength, rather than a sign of weakness.

WASH – Waghorne Academic Study Hub, located in the library there are student tutors and dedicated staff members to help you in any subject you could have trouble in.

PE – Physical Education, one of the many ways to satisfy your sports requirement. Gardening, badminton, yoga, and many more are offered.

Formal – an annual dance held the last Saturday before the winter break. A formal dance where every student is welcomed to have fun and dance.

SISO – sign in/sign out, how you should sign out if you leave the campus for anything, let it be a walk to Newtown with your crew or a shopping spree to Giant and get your weekly snacks.

ISO – International Student Orientation, the student run group that makes sure that students are welcome and help with homesickness in case you traveled to come to GS.

EC – Early check-in for boarders usually on the weekends before finals and vacations.

DC – discipline committee, the committee that oversees 90% of school rules that are broken, similar to a trial they are fair and make sure that the school enforces the rules.

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