Time in Cuba has gone by quickly. Today we woke up with the feeling that our stay here is almost coming to an end. Our mornings have been filled with mango juice, eggs and bread. Carlos, Lianet, Alberto and María greet us cheerfully in the morning, and today was no different.

Today we had a day full of cultural exchanges with different groups. First, we had an outing at the park with the youth of the Quaker meeting in Holguín. At 9AM we all boarded the truck to the park.  The group was composed of kids, youth, and adults.  Our students have gotten to know the members of the church well. As we got to the park we knew it was going to be a good time. We were divided in groups to get to know each other better. We played soccer and volleyball, and rode elevated bicycles. After enjoying some time together, we walked to lunch.

The pace of life here is different than in the US.  Here, we´re not continuously bombarded by media, social networking, or advertising. We can really take time to enjoy each other’s company. I keep on thinking about how we will readjust, and if we will continue to take the time back home to just be present and not on our phones.

After a delicious lunch, we headed to a soccer game with the local youth team.  We cheered for Miranda, Ahmed, Eric, Courtney, Alice and Aaron. Sadly, we lost but we had a good time.

After sharing soda and smiles with the group, we headed back to the church to relax and have dinner.

Our Cuban friend, Leo, came to pick us up to go to the Vista Alegre Quaker meeting. We had a great time with the youth there. We played games and got to know them. The students got so involved in their conversations that it was hard to pull them away in the end.  Our dog friend, Chica, is still following around the streets of Holguí, and it is really cute.

Today was a great day, full of companionship with new friends.

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