by Jeffrey Love ’19

Today we went to the lake about 30-40 minutes away from our “hotel” in Byumba or as it is now called Gichumbi. We were assigned to three different boats/Canoes in which we were grouped up. Our boatmen took us all the way around the lake as we look at the sparse wildlife. the only creatures we did see were two pairs of African Cranes, which happen to be the national animal for Rwanda. As we turned back after reaching the opposite edge of the lake it began to get windier and thus we began to get colder. All in All however it was an enjoyable ride. After the boat ride we traveled back to the library which we completed and had lunch. We also thanked the librarian Francis and gave him our donations. Afterwards we went to an Expo in the town center, but couldn’t stay very long as it began to pour upon us. After the expo we headed on our way back to Kigali and the peace garden where we had dinner and were briefed by our Safari guide in preparation for the next day. Later that evening we said goodbye to Fiacre as he was not to come with us on our Safari. Today was a great day and I can’t wait for our Safari tomorrow.

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