by Clarence Kwong ’19

The work at the library has come to an end, and we make our finishing touches. The pictures on the wall look great as well. Organizing books into categories isn’t necessarily fun, but it makes everything easier to look through for English learners. In addition, we planted grass seeds and orange trees in the library backyard in hopes for a more lively landscape. We also learned about a group which created their own banking system. It was interesting to learn how they kept each other accountable as they also held their own responsibilities as members of the group. Later on, some of us played soccer, basketball, and helped kids to learn to use Microsoft Word. Afterwards, we listened to Congo refugees speak about their life at the refugee camps. It was disheartening to hear about the rough circumstances that they have previously and currently faced. However, I am glad that we have the exposure to refugees and their situations. At last, we have dinner where there were Rwandan tribal dancers. It is fascinating to see that these people hold so strongly onto their roots. Ultimately, today was an insane day, and I hope that we all have just as good of a time to come!

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