Second Day in Rwanda

by Vanessa Baker ’19

Today was our second day in Rwanda. It began with me sleeping through my wake-up call from Nora and then receiving one from Lea, which I actually woke up for. We were half asleep over a breakfast of papaya, toast, chapati, and coffee. After breakfast, we had a strenuous walk to the George Fox Primary School in order to continue our work from the day before. We were in the process of redecorating two rooms, one a library and one a soon to be computer room with the laptops we collected from GS. We had already whitewashed the rooms the day before but today was for painting the rooms a different color. After we worked for about three hours, the kids began to come out and distract us with their cuteness. Deanna chased them with paint on her fingers while they tugged at Lea, Sofia, and Ashleigh’s hair. At 1, we went to the Kigali Peace Center to have a lunch of watermelon and bread with butter. We went back to work where we finished up painting the walls and windowsills and began adding decorations. After we finished working, we went to an arts center that featured beautiful paintings from several Rwandan artists. Once we were finished walking around looking at the artwork, we went outside to find the dancing that we were promised by Polly. There was a group of kids that were practicing dances and we watched for about 20 minutes until they invited us to dance along with them! We then went to a restaurant to eat beef, goat, and chicken shish kabobs where Nora and I sung a beautiful rendition of Ed Sheeran’s “Perfect.” After dinner, we drove back to the Friends Peace Garden, the place we’re staying at, for a night of card games and not working wifi. It’s been a good two days.

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