Social Justice and Activism

by Jayde Dieu ’20

I have always had a passion for social justice and activism. I believe that in the day and age that we live in, cultural consciousness and involvement are critical to building a society that lives up to its incredible potential. In my years before George School, I remember feeling hopeless. I was filled with so much passion and eagerness to make a difference, but it was difficult to find a means of doing so. I felt as though I would be unable to make any contribution that would change the world the way I dreamed of doing. After becoming a student at George School, the tools and resources that I have been provided have shown me that I can truly make that change. When I sat in my first Meeting for Worship as a newly accepted student, I remember the feeling that it gave me. It was as though a fire had ignited within me. As I listened to the current students share their thoughts and ideas with such passion and freedom, I knew that George would be the place that made my dreams of inspiring change a reality. As I complete my second year, I can see how that passion has inspired action. I, along with a few of my classmates, started a club on campus for spoken word poetry called GS Slam. It is an outlet for people to utilize the power of words as a tool to entertain, enlighten, and inspire. Being in this club and the many others on campus that are similar has made me hopeful and optimistic for the things I will be equipped to accomplish after high school. Being a member of the George School community has shown me that you are never too young to make a difference and you’re never too wise to realize it’s your difference to make.

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