Memorable GS Moment

by Ryan Oster ’19

One of my most memorable moments at George School was my sophomore year baseball season. I hadn’t played baseball for 3 years prior but was able to make the varsity team after deciding to return to the sport. Coaches Vince Campellone and George Long were extremely supportive and patient with me during the season. I had lost a lot of baseball instincts when I stopped playing but they were pivotal in helping me gain my skills back. For example, when I did play, my usual position was first base. But, our first baseman was a senior and we had a vacancy in left field. I needed to fill the spot even though I had never played there before. The coaches made sure to give me extra reps in practice and instilled their trust into me and started me in left for 6 or 7 games. Although I wasn’t the best, they were understanding and this led to an increase in confidence for me because now I wouldn’t be nervous if I made a mistake (there were more than a few). They also made sure to give me time at first base because the first baseman at the time was graduating. I am grateful for this because now I am more confident this year playing first base than if I didn’t have that extra practice. I am glad I tried baseball again and I am grateful that GS gave me the opportunity to do this. Our team made it to the semifinal last year and this year I think we can do better. Our team chemistry is great and we are always having fun.

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