El Catorceavo Día

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by Mallory Fritsch’19 and Bea Feichtenbiner’19

After breakfast at Rafaela’s, we went to the younger kids school. Since it was the last day of classes, all the kids were dressed in their summer clothes, so there were kids in bathing suits and shorts as opposed to their traditional uniforms.

In the “Nivel” classes, there was a celebration on the patio.  Before the celebration began, there was music playing and all the little ones were dancing.  Many of them stood on tables and chairs while teachers and parents recorded the cute little ones dancing.  All of the little kids gathered at tables to wait for the delicious bowls of watermelon, banana, and mandarin oranges.  After the summer snack, there was a large dance party where all the kids gathered on the now open patio. They all danced around and with the helping GS students and the teachers.  Towards the end, the first grade peaked their heads out to watch all the GS students dance to American music, but also learn some traditional Nicaraguan dance.

In the “Grado” classes, all the students got bowls of fruit, complete with mangoes, mandarins, jocotes, watermelon, apples, and bananas. As the finished their fruit, students ran into the hallway and began dancing to the music. At one point, Sidney and I started a conga line that was so long that the beginning was practically touching the end. Students got picked up at 10:00, which is 2 hours before the usually do, so we used the extra time to paint baskets for the dance teacher, Roberto. Then we, of course, had dance class and we all perfected our dance to perform the young students tomorrow.

After a brief break for lunch, we returned to Nicaraguita to spend the last day with the older students.  We all conversed and danced around while waiting for the the goodbye ceremony. The ceremony, similar to the Welcoming Ceremony, was complete with dancing, poetry, and English speaking from the older students.  Us George School students also had to perform the dance we have been working on in dance class. This took us by surprise since we didn’t feel that we were ready. We all struggled lining up in the pairings for our dance, and when we began the dance, the song wasn’t the right version!  We all made the best of the situation, trying our best to still dance to the music playing. Luckily for us, the students laughed with us at the misfortunate performance.

The eleventh grade students then walked us back to Rafaela’s, where we ate dinner and got ready for our last party with them. After a dinner of tacos with barbecued meat, we sat outside as a group, just hanging out and listening to music since it was one of our last nights together. At 7:00, the eleventh grade came to pick us up and walk us to one of their houses for the party, where we all danced and hung out. Since it was Alyssa’s birthday, we had a cake both at Rafaela’s and at the party. When it was time to leave, we all got a little emotional, especially, Hadley, because we didn’t know if we were going to see all of our Nica friends tomorrow. We’re still not sure, but we don’t think so. We’re all sad about leaving, but ready to go home.

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