El Séptimo Día


by Eva Coleman ’19

Today was like every other day; I woke up at 6:00am and then showered to prepare for the long day awaiting. Then my host sister Scarleth braided my hair and we left the house to go to breakfast. We got to the house very early around 6:45 which left me plenty of time to talk with my friends. We eat breakfast at 7:20 which was rice and beans, with pancakes and juice. Then we got time to relax before we left for the Nicaraguita school. Everyday 10 minutes before we go to the school the 3rd grade or 4th grade walk us to the school.

Once we got to the school we went right into our classrooms and began working with the kids. I am in 5th grade here so all of the students in my class are around 8,9,10. We started class with a little bit of math but then 15 minutes in all the classes went outside to play games. It was similar to a field day where all the grades compete against each other. We played a lot of games that were similar to relay races. It was fun to see the kids having fun and enjoying themselves, and the students from George School also got to participate which was fun.

After this we went back to class and I had science class with my students. Then we had recess where the kids get to run around and eat lunch. I usually spend recess with the girls and we play games as well as talk. A lot of the kids want to know more english and ask me how to say certain words in english. After this we went back to class for 30 minutes and then went to dance class. Today dance class was really short and we got to dance with the 4th graders. Then we walked back to Rafaela’s house for lunch.

After lunch we got on a bus to go to the Market in Masaya. It was probably a 45 minute bus ride to get there. Once we got there we had to get in groups of 4 with 2 people from George School and 2 students from Nicaragüita. We had 3 hours at the market and got to walk around and look at the different shops. The market was very crowded and had so many different things to offer.

After the market we got on the bus and went back to Rafaela’s house. We got back at 5pm and then ate dinner at 5:30. Today was also Danny’s birthday which we were all excited to celebrate. After a dinner of rice and beans, meat, and salad we had a special birthday cake for Danny. Then we all got to hangout outside and relax after a long day of work while we waited for our host parents.

I got picked up at 6:45 and then went home with my host sister. We went to the market and bought bread and then I learned how to dance with my host sister. We listened to music and went on a walk around the block, I had a great time. Then I sat outside before bed and wrote in my journal. At 9:30pm I went to bed so I would be ready for the next day.

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