El Sexto Dia

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by Brandon Stolz ’19

Today began as usual for me; I wake up, take a nice cold shower, and get ready for the hot day. Today Eva and her host parent walked passed my house and asked if I wanted to walk with them to Rafaela’s house. I accepted and we walked the short trip.

At the house we ate breakfast discussing what we were going to do today. Sole talked about how we were going to the Orphanage in the morning called Hogar Belen. We were all excited to go when we filed into the bus with other kids from the Nicaraguan school. It was a long bus ride because all of the traffic so it took us about 40 minutes to get to Hogar Belen.

When we finally arrived at the orphanage the sun was very hot as usual and we were told to leave our bags in a room. When entering we soon learned that the children in the orphanage were handicapped. We spent the entire morning carrying, playing, and coloring with the children. During our visit we performed our dance that we did at the school, the cotton eyed Joe. We then did the macarena with the students of the Nicaraguan school and many of the kids were enjoying the dancing.

After dancing with the orphans we left and went back to the school where we had our dance lesson. We all managed to learn a little bit more of our dance by the end of our class. We then went back to Rafaela’s house for lunch and a much needed break.

We were all all relaxing after lunch when more kids from the school showed up at the gate of Rafaela’s house signaling our time to leave and go back to the school. At the school Malory and I went to our 10th grade class where we were discussing about sexuality. After this class we had gym where we played soccer in the street. We played soccer for a while until the final class.

During the final class, the school had a little party for us. They served us chicken tacos that were so good. After eating there was a little dancing.

The party soon ended and we went back to Rafael’s house and ate even more, we had hamburgers and fries. When I went back to my host family’s house I played soccer with them and ate dinner again with my family.

Jordan then came by my house and asked to play soccer with some other kids. We then all played soccer in front of my host family’s house for a few hours until we were tired. I then went to my room and went to sleep.

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  1. cheri mellor

    ¡¿Quién está con mi hijo?!

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