El Quinto Dia

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by Danny McKay-Simons ’19

Today I awoke already excited for another day the school. After getting ready my host mother walked me to Rafaela’s house for breakfast, originally i thought it was going to be difficult to talk to my host family but because my  host mother is a teacher in my 4th grade class it was very easy to talk about the kids in my class and everyone is very nice and understanding when i make mistakes talking in their language.

At Rafaela’s house we had another amazing breakfast while we discussed the kids in our respective classes. Afterwards, the kids came and walked us to the school again and /i went to my 4th grade class. It made me so happy to see the faces on my 4th graders light up when I walked into the classroom. During the class i helped by correcting homework although i was surprised during English because the teacher was teaching a sentence with incorrect grammar and i was not sure if i was supposed to correct her or not so i stayed silent.

To finish off the morning we had our second dance class, and i was not looking forward to it originally because my feet had been hurting a lot by the end of our last lesson but this time i found that the dancing was not as hard and i was able to enjoy myself even more. After the dance lesson we went back to Rafaela’s house for lunch and i was able to take a nap which was good because i had been up late the night before talking to my host brother. It is a great relationship because he wants to learn english so he talks to me in english and i help him when he makes mistakes and i speak to him in spanish and he helps me with my mistakes.

In the afternoon we went back to the school and i went to 9th grade with Bea and Sidney. The classes are always interesting because while they are learning a lot, the classes are also very relaxed and as long as the work is completed the teachers do not care very much if we talk to each other or at times play games. We then left classes early because the 7th and 8th grade classes threw us a party. I was very appreciative for the food and drinks that they provided because they gathered the money from their own pockets and they just wanted us to have a good time. It was very entertaining to dance and talk with the other kids and after we left the school I couldn’t wait to be back.

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