El Tercer Día


by Mallory Fritsch ’19

Today began the trend of waking up for breakfast at 7:00; however, I still slept in an extra half an hour and missed my shower at 6:00.  Everyone in my family was still in bed as I got dressed, packed my bag, and got ready for an exciting day ahead of me.

Breakfast at Rafaela’s house proved to be just as great as ever, starting this exciting day with a bang.  We left Rafaela’s around 8:30 and set of with the students from Nicaraguita for the city of Granada. I won’t lie, waking up around 6:00 proved to be challenging and I slept the entire ride there, leaning on Sidney (sorry Sid) occasionally being woken up by a bump or loud talking.

At 9:30 we reached “El Puerto de Granada”.  The music was loud, and there weren’t a lot of people, so our group sat around playing with the hackey-sack, buying fruity drinks, and waiting for our next steps to on our adventure.

These next steps were walking down the end of the pier to board a large boat that would take us on a tour of the the “Isletas de Granada”.  We were only an hour early… But this wasn’t a problem because we all played cards and conversed about the views and exciting day ahead.

The boat trip was one to remember.  There was music playing over the speakers, and the Nicaraguan students stood up and got us all to dance, maybe not that well, but dance nonetheless.  There was also the excitement surrounding the piñata. Little kids and Hadley all danced and took their best swings until the explosion of candy flew all over the top tier of the boat.

Within no time, we reached the “Isleta de San Pablo”.  We ate a picnic lunch of rice and fruit juice before we went exploring the small island.  The group took a lot of pictures all over, exploring and feeling the heat. Luckily, not long after, we all dove into Lake Nicaragua and swam the rest of the day away.  The Nicaraguan students joined us too, standing in the shallow end with us as we tried to teach them to swim.

The time passed fast and we all got out the water to dry off while waiting for the boat to arrive.  As a group the GS and Nicaraguan students all played cards, Uno, and learned new steps from Jordan.

When the boat arrived, we all rushed to go get seats and relaxed the ride back, watching the younger kids participate in dancing competitions and sing along to the music blasting over the speakers.

The ride back to Rafaela’s I was actually awake and able to see the bright colors of Granada. A small group in the back also had the chance to expand our Spanish, gossiping with the students.  

Overall the day was very expansive.  I think I speak for many of us when I say that my Spanish has expanded a lot over the last few days.  I am still very nervous to speak and trying to find the right words to speak, but everyone here has been very patient, helping me learn and expand my vocabulary.  The trip can only get better from here… and I can’t wait.

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  1. Lisa Fritsch

    Sounds like a great start of your trip.

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