What my Scholarship Means to Me

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by Violet Myles ’17

At George School, I appreciated how much the community encouraged me to get involved. From cheerleading to acting in the fall play to poetry and art, I explored diverse interests. George School is full of students who combine hobbies and career goals in unexpected and beautiful ways as well as teachers who invest time in knowing and encouraging their students.

What my scholarship means to me: Everything—from my Geometry class, where I learned that math was not so terrifying, to my extracurricular activities—was thanks to extremely generous donors. I passed on that gift when I co-led Art For Relief in 2016–17. We raised over $4,000 for School of Leadership Afghanistan to promote education among Afghani women and girls. Because of that experience and my own aid, I have a deeper insight into the importance of giving.

What I’m doing now: I am working toward a BA from the University of British Columbia, where I hope to specialize in film production.

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