Paige ’18

Today was our last day in the village and honestly if I did not have so much waiting for me at home, I would be staying. We had a delicious and traditional breakfast of pho and fruit that was fresh beyond belief. We packed up our stuff and said our last goodbyes to the place I consider another home away from home. The bus ride back brought beautiful views, a delicious snack of mango, and a much-needed nap. Once we arrived back in Hanoi, we had lunch at the first restaurant we ever ate at on this trip. Going there put my time here in perspective and made me realize that I would soon have to say goodbye to this amazing country. Sentimental, I know, but we had to say goodbye to our host families as well. It has been an emotional day. At dinner, we were greeted with tables stacked with wonderful food and a seemingly endless amount of handshakes and “thank you” for the service we have done. With the host families all gathered together, we shared one last meal with people that we had suddenly come to love. My goodbyes went quickly, corrected to “I will see you later” by the people around me. After exchanging songs with our audience of parents and members of the organization that made this possible, we gave our last hugs and headed back to the hotel. This bittersweet night made me realize how comfortable I have become and there is a spot in my heart for the people I have encountered. With only a little time left, we will continue to immerse ourselves in the culture and eventually say the final “see you later.”

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