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by Gia Delia ’18

Tropical Storm Bret didn’t take as strong as a toll as expected. There were some worries about how it would affect the island. Yesterday, there were strong wind gusts and spontaneous rain showers. Last night we lost power at the Lizard Inn, and we were told the streets would be flooded by this morning. Despite these concerns, I woke up to a sunny and beautiful Bonaire. The aftermath of the storm was unpredictable, but thankfully no effects were severe. Bonaire doesn’t have drain pipes in the street, unlike where we live, and the water from the storm is standing in puddles.

We had great weather all day and the group went to the donkey sanctuary, where I was able to see over seven hundred donkeys and feed them carrots. There was even a two-day old donkey. It was another element of Bonaire I was able to experience. We went to dinner at Mezze, a Mediterranean restaurant. I have tried a vast majority of new foods on this trip, and have learned a lot of Bonaire culture over the course of this trip.

We have been doing trash cleanup on the beach and the severity of the storm could have widely affected the trash and the debris left on the beach. We filled two truckloads of trash and dropped it off at Dive Friends where they will recycle it. I have learned the simplicity of the island and the ecological service that we are doing and how it is benefiting Bonaire. I am sad that in two days this trip will come to an end, but I am so grateful for all I have experienced over these past two weeks.

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