by Ivy O’Neal-Odom ’17

Today was a great day for me to stop feeling sick! Most of the gang went on a dive on the East coast. Too exciting for me! Gia, Kathleen, and I had a late morning and then went snorkeling at Eden Beach. After lunch we all went to Jong Bonaire. I met someone (I’ll call her Julia) who I started teaching HTML 5. It was so refreshing to teach someone the same age and gender as myself! Most of the people I’ve taught at Jong Bonaire have been boys, so I was glad to see that STEM interests on Bonaire are far from limited to a single gender. Julia, like myself, recently graduated high school. She plans on going to Holland for college (a relatively common practice here) with “her girl.” She was very happy to meet another gay woman! It doesn’t seem like there are many people here who share that aspect of her identity. All in all, probably my favorite day here.


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  1. Polly L.

    These photographs are very artistic; someone has a really good eye!

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