Bonaire Day 3

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by Alex Harris ’17

During my time here so far, I have been thinking a lot about the simplicity of life on this island. You really need so little to lead a happy life. In the United States, we are always presented with the idea of living lavish and pompous lifestyles. We are fed the idea that having a lot of “stuff” means that we are living a happy life. We are taught that this is “ultimate happiness.”  But, being here for only three short days, I am beginning to realize how little I need to be happy. Similarly, I am realizing that happiness truly comes from doing/living what you love. Wasting your time with “fake” and “extravagant” pleasures is a waste of precious time. This trip has made me realize so much about happiness and my life. I am seriously considering moving here when I grow up. ☺

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