Bonaire Day 2

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by Patrick Mahoney ’18

Today we started our open water dives, the first of four we have to complete in order to become certified divers. During the dive, I finally got to see what we will be doing in the water for the next two weeks. While I was on the bottom waiting for people to finish their required skills for the certification, I looked around at the fish swimming around us, feeding off the coral, not even noticing us. When everyone completed their skills of becoming neutrally buoyant and clearing a flooded mask, Chris took us on a small tour of the massive reef that was just over the drop off of the ocean. Looking over the reef I could see the effects of pollution over the coal and other sea life, the coral looked dulled and the fish are sparse, so I hope to make an impact on the ocean. Over the next two weeks I hope to make a noticeable impact and feel accomplished in our service.

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