Bonaire Service Trip

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by Kathleen O’Neal

This morning was a breeze – we had an easy, early morning drive to Newark airport, followed by a quick check-in upon our arrival.  After a slight flight delay we arrived on Bonaire not far behind schedule, and were greeted by the warm sun.  Bonaire’s Flamingo Airport stands out as one of my favorite airports – we deplaned on the tarmac before waiting in line outdoors for customs, and claiming our luggage in an open-air room. As we drove through the streets of Krajlendijk and made our way to our neighborhood for the next two weeks, we passed a lot of local Bonairians, mixed with plenty of divers here on vacation. Both groups are good reminders of why the service we will do on Bonaire is important work to be done. After stopping at the dive shop for our STINAPA Bonaire marine park tags (this is one way they work to protect the reef around Bonaire), we visited Eden Beach for dinner and snorkeling. It was a wonderful introduction to the underwater beauty around Bonaire, and it gave the students just a tiny taste of what they will experience as they begin diving tomorrow.

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  1. Tom Mahoney

    Glad to hear your travels were uneventful. The water looks wonderful, enjoy the day.

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