Sky Reviews May 22-26

May 26 2017

May 26

May 24 2017

May 24

May 25 2017

May 25

May 22, 2017

Today’s sky cancelled due to rain and forgetfulness. See you tomorrow.

May 23, 2017

Waves lap onto the cool shores of the lake. You squint at the mist, trying to pierce its dense foliage. It does nothing. Oh, the waves are getting higher now, perhaps you should move your seat. Do not want to get cold feet at a time like this. You push against your chair, attempting to move it farther away without getting up. This does not work, of course, and the soaked sand eagerly takes this opportunity to begin eating your chair. Well, you are in quite a pickle now are you not. The waves continue to rise.

May 24, 2017

You try to contact the tower again, and for the fifth time receive only static. This damn mist must be interfering with the signal. Looks like you will be on your own this time, no problem. You guide your vessel with a strong arm and a steely eye, reckless confidence abound. Ha! And they made it seem so hard in academy. Metallic whips and bangs come from the edges of the hull. They mean nothing to you. You would like to see something get in your way. See how it fares when you come ramming through. That would be rich, ha! The noises from the hull cease. A looming form rises from the depths. The mist coils tighter.

May 25, 2017

You manage to climb up the ladder to your post. As if it would kill someone to have a few more people on watch. This is like, your fifth shift this week. Unsurprisingly, you cannot see more than a few feet into the lake. Even your fancy new binoculars are only able to provide a magnified view of the fog. Turning away from the lake, you decide to survey the surrounding village. Ugh, that guy with the Mercedes is driving off again. All he ever does is disappear into the forest for hours on end. You are not sure what he schemes about in there, but it is certainly nothing good. Disgruntled, you turn back toward the water just in time to see a glint of metal vanish under the surface. A car wails from the forest.

May 26, 2017

It is a new day. The mist has gone, the skies are clear, and everyone is enjoying the sunshine. You sit on the rickety old wicker chair on your porch, pondering. You have been feeling quite confused the last few days, for reasons unknown. Nothing out of the ordinary except for that odd vapor that rolled in the other day. Hmmm. You suppose it does not matter too much then, if you cannot even tell what bothered you. With a slight chuckle and shake of the head, you lean back and relax. Everything is fine, just as it has always been. 0/10

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