Sky Reviews

May 8 2017

May 8

May 9 2017

May 9

May 10 2017

May 10

May 11 2017

May 11

May 12 2017

May 12

by Joey Cifelli ’19

May 8, 2017

Continental plates colliding. The raw mechanisms of the Earth at their most base form. Grinding, mashing, twisting and churning they fulfill the purpose placed upon them. That is what we are dealing with here today. Three clouds of massive proportion are about to converge upon each other, resulting in what can only be described as a larger cloud. I am urging all of you to find a safe place to reside during this monumental event. It has become too dangerous for me to keep observing this phenomenon; protect yourselves and good luck. 9.3/10

May 9, 2017

Two main elements are the focus of this sky: symmetry and the wave. Those two clouds in the rising left are near perfect mirror images of each other. They evoke the image of a pair of wings; even their placement above the remaining scattered skystuffs is reminiscent of a bird in flight. The wave begins in the background of the wings, though it becomes more prominent further south. Defined edges lead to brushed wisps, which lazily lag behind until becoming flush with the blue. 8.4/10

May 10, 2017

Today’s sky reminds me of Albert Camu’s 1947 novel The Plague, in which a mysterious disease descends upon the fictional city of Oran. Fortunately, we only have these clouds settling down on our campus, though they too are mysterious. A brave band of clear sky is the only thing stopping the mass of clouds from completely enveloping our view. Perhaps it will survive, and tomorrow will be a brighter day. 7.7/10

May 11, 2017

Well that is what I get for being optimistic. Gray skies have now taken control of the entire celestial sphere, leaving us with a bleak monotone. There is a silver lining to this, however, which is that I managed to get a helicopter in the shot. I did not even notice until I started writing, but that tiny speck in the northeast quadrant is unmistakable. Zoom in on it and you can even see the pilot. What a pleasant gift on this dreary day. 7.9/10

May 12, 2017

Same gray color today, but much more texture. The slight turmoil within the clouds gives them the appearance of cotton balls, which is always satisfying to look at. Light coming in from above washes over the top and center, eventually trickling down to the treetops. The sides and those two mounds remain darker, acting as banks to the river of illumination. This is proof that colorless skies do not always have to be boring. 8.2/10

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