Sky Reviews May 1-5

May 1 2017

May 1

May 2 2017

May 2

May 3 2017

May 3

May 4 2017

May 4

May 5 2017

May 5

by Joey Cifelli ’19

May 1, 2017

This picture makes me feel slightly woozy. The lighting is fine, but that giant pillar coming across on the diagonal freaks me out a bit. It is like a derailed steam train barreling right for us. The trees are just specks now, the ash gently swirling around our flaming trainwreck. There is something to be said about the beauty of a chugging and puffing steamer against the stark night, even if it is a long cloud in the middle of the day. 7.2/10

May 2, 2017

Today’s sky has to be one of the best we have had this year. I can only show one photo, but I must have taken at least fifteen throughout the day. The light in this is just amazing. Each minuscule bit of cloud is given so much depth because of the shadowing. We have a smooth gradient running in the background, which pops out the clouds even more so. The large formation in the West covers has a cutout in the center, allowing all those crumbs to share the spotlight. I am impressed. 10/10

May 3, 2017

Excellent use of framing and negative space today. Sometimes the clouds can smother the blue, and then it becomes flat and boring. The blue has a lot of room to breathe today though, so kudos. The clouds and the background subtly direct the eye towards the center top of the image, where the sun’s brilliant rays shine down like heavenly candles. Something to note is that the picture appears to be taken from the perspective of someone lying down. I was standing up when I got this shot, but it is a neat effect regardless. 9.1/10

May 4, 2017

This is definitely on the more bizarre end of the astral spectrum. It certainly is intriguing though, I will give it that. The clouds give me the image of a massive fish skeleton. The long spines are numerous, and they condense near the bottom to form the backbone. Unfortunately the head and tail are out of frame, but I imagine that they too elicit an aura of large aquatic-ness. I wonder what killed this creature. Maybe it was an asteroid, like with our dinosaurs. Or maybe Orion did it, that fish slaying jerk. 8.6/10

May 5, 2017

The gray clouds are gray. They swirl around like cotton candy in a cotton candy machine. Poetry in motion, and yet a still frame. The lights are the darkest object in this photo. The clouds are not the lightest or the darkest things in this photo, they are gray. 7.4/10

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