Sky Reviews April 10-14

April 10 2017

April 10

April 11 2017

April 11

April 12 2017

April 12

April 13 2017

April 13

April 14 2017

April 14

by Joey Cifelli ’19

April 10, 2017

Azure sky. If that is what you wanted, that is what we have got. Truly a modern classic, featuring, simply, some subtle clouds (and a lot of commas). Over in the northeast quadrant a storm is forming. Fortunately, we happen to be in the eye of the storm, so it is only pleasant. There is really not much else going on here, honestly. You all know how these Cloud Lite days can be. A scar is slowly disappearing down in the south. A great battle might have occurred  there, or an unsavory cutlery accident. Let’s hope it heals. 8.5/10

April 11, 2017

Controversial subject today. Does the negative space in the south form a boat, or a tank? I stand firmly with Team Boat, and frankly, you all should too. Anyone who thinks this boat is a tank must have flawed knowledge of vehicular geometry. The bottom of the form is clearly rounded, like a boat, and the top is flat. This boat even has a driver, embodied in that spherical shape near the keel. We cannot forget the color of the sky either. It is blue, similar to a few bodies of water we have probably all seen. Do tanks traverse the oceans? I should think not. 7.7/10

April 12, 2017

Luckily I managed to snag this photo before the sun came breaking through. Sunny days are fine, but they lack many of the complex crooks and crevices and whorls that cloudy days possess. Today, for instance, there’s a beautiful quilted pattern all along the northern regions. It’s as though the clouds were lovingly stitched together by some nice old lady just for us. What a wonderful gift to receive, truly. I suspect the sun will be back out again at some point (hopefully), but until then, enjoy our handcrafted sky. 9.2/10

April 13, 2017

That falcon formation front and center is the only reason I decided to go with this shot. I am just assuming it is a falcon too, since I am not a huge ornithology expert. I suppose a phoenix or peacock would also be acceptable. I love how the head of the bird is being blurred by the looser cloud haze, while the wing and tail remain solid. It gives off the impression of a diving motion, implying that the creature is on the hunt. There might be a vole out of frame then, or whatever cloud formations like to eat. We should all be safe from its eye, but you never can get too careful with these things. 8.3/10

April 14, 2017

What a beauty we have here today. We are seeing some similarity to the quilted pattern from Wednesday, but less packed, and with a greater sense of depth. The clouds are concentrated in the south, and spread uniformly outwards from there, leaving fractures and faults along the outer rim. This reminds me of a beach shore; loose land lazily waning into waves. It appears that we are at low tide now, due to the relatively low blue visible, but that will change eventually. Hopefully a few of you will be down here to see that happen. 9.5/10

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