Nicaragua March 16

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March 16

by Tali

After a fun day at the beach with the Nicaraguans yesterday, we returned to our routine schedule for one final day working with the students at La Nicaragüita. Once again, we had another great breakfast together and sometime around 8:00 a.m., the sixth-grade class walked us to the school. The second I arrived in my classroom of five-year-olds, about half of the students sprinted over and attacked me with some of the biggest hugs ever. This case was the same for Alyssa, Maia, and Greg as all of their own students were overjoyed to have them in class for another fun day and showed their excitement through adorable embraces. (I assume the same was true for Niccolo, Alexander, Philip and Alex, but I didn’t see them on the other side of the school.) About a half-hour into class, the teachers informed the students that it was another mini-sports day. This meant that each student in first through sixth grade would take part in a variety of games, while the three, four, and five-year-old students would get to watch the older classmates compete since they were too young to join in. We played a few different types of games; one was a running race, one round of tug-of-war, two watermelon and cantaloupe eating contests, and soccer. All GS students took part in the running contest and tug-of-war, and while we didn’t win, they were lots of fun. Alyssa, Niccolo, and Alex played against three other Nicaraguans in the first round of the eating contest (Niccolo won) and Alexander and Philip played in the other one against four Nicaraguans. Niccolo and Philip led the GS team in two quick rounds of soccer. The morning was filled with great effort from all participants and spirited cheers and giant smiles on the sidelines. Once the sports were complete, we spent a couple more hours in the classroom with our students doing our respective activities. We finished off the morning with our final dance class with Roberto; he taught the eight of us a salsa dance routine.

We began our afternoon by having a delicious lunch at Rafaela’s house, followed by some time to relax before we headed back to the school for afternoon classes with the seventh through eleventh grade. Once we got to the school, we split up and headed off to different classrooms to spend time with the Nicaraguan students one last time in the classroom setting. Niccolo and Alex spent time with the eleventh graders, Alyssa and I visited the tenth graders, Maia and Greg worked with the ninth graders, Alexander was with the eighth graders, and Philip assisted the seventh graders. We had to cut our afternoon a little short and we returned back to Rafaela’s house to have an early dinner at 5:00 p.m. Right now, we are waiting to go back to the school to have a get-together with the eleventh graders and spend some more time with them before we leave Nicaragua.

It’s going to be a bittersweet evening with our peers, and tomorrow will be a tough day for all of us as reality sets in that we will be heading back to the United States very soon. We are all so lucky to have spent two weeks in this beautiful country with phenomenal people. It’s been a wonderful adventure and we’re all going to miss spending time together in Nicaragua. This trip is a unique and amazing opportunity and we have created so many memories together to hold onto and cherish for years to come.


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