I got my Kindle charged up again.

I spoke to Scott this morning and he says that the group got WiFi access last night so parents heard from them. They are doing well with arduous climbing.  Thanks to Steven for posting photos.  The kids are relieved to have seen grades and heard from colleges and job contacts. The senior nerves have run high as they think about how close they are to the next stage.

Health and food:

We have had a lot of respiratory stuff. I think now that it was from the dirt and dust in Kat and Pokhara. They have all the streets torn up with laying water mains and other construction which takes forever. Many people wear face masks.  We encountered it as soon as we got back to civilization yesterday. Wish we’d known that at the outset.  We worked to get everyone strong again for trekking. I think only 1 person may have had genuine travelers bug, but that was a wake up to really wash hands before eating, after work and toilet, and after playing with kids or dog.

The cooks are feeding us well.  The day starts with tea. Breakfast always includes a porridge, bread, egg, tea.  Lunch started with juice then a protein (tuna, beans, chicken spam),a bread like Nan, two veggies, salad, fruit.  Return to camp for tea or hot chocolate before dinner. Dinner included a carb, a protein, soup, salad and 2 veggies with tea and pudding or other dessert. Heavy on the carbs and deep fried but that was fine when we were burning the calories.  Lots of Nepalese flavors. A fave is the chick peas.  And buffalo. Heavily vegetarian which was fine. Kids talked about how much better this was for them than junk food, but the list of what they crave when they get back is growing. The cooks avoided chicken due to bird flu outbreaks in some local areas.

I think it will take multiple showers and laundries  to get Nepal out of your kids and their clothes.  Few had ever worn the same clothes for a week, at least since camp.  But why get everything filthy?

The work day ran 9-12 and 1:30-4.  Except when it rained. After tea til dinner was free time for journals, cards, or games with crew and children. Or naps.  Lots of cards played.  Lots of chatter about school, college, summer, grades…

Most days were clear in the morning and cloudy after noon. It feels like we had rain every day by dinner.  One all-day rain that trapped us together in the dining tent with a single kerosene lamp. Fortunately the sleeping tents stayed dry.  The views in the am are magnificent.

Mornings and afternoons we got a basin of warm washing water.  One the sunniest day several washed out a few clothes as well.  About 11:30 I heard yelling from the work-site (I was in camp) and the kids were lined up on the hill: “Susi, bring in the clothes” which I did in time.

Nothing like washing up facing a gorgeous mountain.

The second day we did yoga at sunrise. This was on my list.  After that it was hard to get up and the crew needed to reclaim the tarp we used in the pasture for a rain fly.  Some took a wander before breakfast and saw beautiful birds.  A cuckoo called all night. Only other wildlife sighting? One deer.

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