Nicaragua March 14-15

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by Alexander F.

Tuesday afternoon:

After a morning of sports and excessive heat, everyone was feeling somewhat tired, however we had to go out again for a similarly sports-filled afternoon. There were many games with the older classes such as panuelito (Nica version of steal the bacon), over/under, relay races, and, of course, chimbombas (balloons). For the games we participated in, the Nicaraguans won all but one, which was chimbombas. Later, we went to a meeting with parents of students benefiting from U-Nica, an organization that Cheri and Pauline (a former GS colleague) started in order to sponsor students at La Nicaragüita. Two of the students performed a traditional dance, and each family had a chance to express their appreciation for the scholarship. (If you are interested in knowing more about the program, contact Cheri. Several of our group are excited to pursue this.)

Wednesday morning:

We returned to our respective classes which were ending at 10:00 a.m. After we said our goodbyes, we headed off to the beach on the Pacific Ocean. The drive was fairly long, however it was made more interesting by conversations with some of the students of La Nicaragüita who were accompanying us (the 11th graders). After arriving at the beach, putting on copious amounts of sunscreen and having a quick snack, we headed out to the water. We stayed out, riding the waves and playing with Phil’s soccer ball in the water, and eventually returned to the shade. Around this time, the group began to split up. Maia and Alex paid for a horse ride on the beach and cantered off. At one point Greg and Cheri went shell hunting. Nicolo and Alyssa went on a long walk with Stephen (one of the Nicas), and Tali enjoyed the hammock in the shade alongside the Nicaraguan teachers. After I briefly went back into the water with Tom, we took several group photos. Before we went to the bus, however, someone in our group had paid a Nicaraguan vendor with an interesting product: his “singing” talent. Suffice to say it was interesting, and though his performance did go on for quite a while, his Michael Jackson impersonation was spot-on. We took the bus back to Rafaela’s where we had a delicious chicken dinner. From there, went straight to our next “encuentro” with the 10th grade at the school. More food and drink! In this party especially, there was a massive amount of dancing and we all left sweaty and happy. By 7:45 p.m. we were back at Rafaela’s, where our families picked us up to walk us home.

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