March. 7th

This woman Shirley will move into the first house we helped build in Clarksdale soon. She came to the potluck held last week, a short, black woman.

Shirley works in a casino and gets up at 4:00 a.m. each day to get to the casino 40-miles away.  She sleeps at 12:00 a.m. in order to take care of her sick mother. Having many children is a common thing here, and she has 10, among them the first was born when Shirley was 14.

March. 8th

We went to Oxford this afternoon and ate at a very nice restaurant called Snack Bar at night. The catfish did not taste like catfish though. Ben later told us the local food place has a substitute that is a kind of catfish but does not taste good. So, the fancy restaurant used it.

“We Oxford is the Northern city in the Southern State.” Said the smiling waiter.

“Well it’s still difference.” Said the teacher.

I don’t understand why this person is not proud of the fantastic fried chicken made by the people of his state.

March. 14th

This is literally today.

All the work is good. It feels nice after solid work. My love: nailing = drilling > sanding > mudding > painting. I got my jacket impressively nasty and used the paint to write LOVE on it in Chinese character. I intend to make it a unique souvenir from this trip, not for sale.

We played Salad bowl last night. The theme was George School. I admire the teacher’s courage to join it, because if you are a teacher, you try it. It’s difficult, emotionally. Super funny, though. I learnt a new word: Hype Beast. Not knowing the word, I tried to make sounds like a beast at first, and after I failed, they all got it.

Writing the post for the Official Blog is hard. The writer has to pray that her/his readers are smart. Even so, the post could be interpreted in different way, and not all that in the writer’s mind are exposed.

I really, really, love the local people. “People are not loving each other enough. We should love and support each other,” said Shirley. She never mentioned hatred, not even once.

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