by Ethan Vegotsky ’18

Today was a good day. I woke up before my alarm, which was a good sign for the day ahead of me. My correspondente and I ate a small breakfast before leaving for school. On the bus I kept a short conversation with my correspondente and before I knew it the hour long bus ride came to an end. I met Tucker at the gate before school and was happy to see a fellow George School student. After talking with Tucker for a bit, it was time to head off to my service site.

Today I worked with younger children, and although they were very cute they cried a lot more than the other children, which made it a more difficult task. Even though taking care of the younger children was more difficult, the morning class went by pretty quick.  Then we walked back to the lycée for lunch. As always, lunch is the highlight of my day, partly because I get to see my American friends, but also because I get a small break.

After lunch, I walked back to the service site and I was assigned to work with the older kids. The afternoon was good, as I had fun with the older kids at recess and in class. When I finished my day of service I walked back to the Lycée and attended French class with my host. In the class I struggled to understand what the teacher was saying, but I enjoyed the experience. After class, it was time to take the bus home. When we got back we ate dinner, which was quite delicious. After that I wrote my journals and laid on my bed thinking about how the trip is almost over, yet it has just begun. I also began to think about all of the snow that Newtown probably has right now when here it is sunny and pleasant.

All in all a great day in France!

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