Monday in France

by Ben D.

After a weekend of travel and learning how to operate a tractor (not as fun as it sounds when you don’t know which pedal is the clutch and which is the gas) it was time to return to service.  I woke up early and took a quick shower followed by breakfast.  My correspondante and I walked to the bus stop. At the bus stop I met several of the people I had started to get to know before I went to Paris.  We discussed what I saw and didn’t see and caught up with what they did over the weekend.   After riding to school I met up with Tucker and Paul and we made our way down to the école primaire to do our service.  Today we laminated and cut out exercises for the teachers to use later and supervised some children as one of the teachers were sick.

Before it seemed any time had passed it was time for lunch.  Back with my fellow students and their correspondantes, we discussed what we did yesterday (personally I thought learning to operate a tractor was the most interesting).  After lunch we returned to our école primaire and finished our tasks for the afternoon.  We returned to Lycée Kaster to meet up with our hosts and returned home.  My correspondante and I went to a pool as she swims competitively (I still enjoyed the swim).  Now I am off to bed as I have another day of service to complete tomorrow.

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