Today was the 5th day of the trip and we had completed our work on the first habitat house in Clarksdale.  I actually ended up having a lot of fun working on the house once I was able to hammer in nails quickly.  I was also so glad that I had the chance to meet Ben, who is one of the most incredible people I have ever met.  He had told the group and I a few stories about his past like his time in the navy and a time when he had to drive his girlfriend 23 hours back to her home in northern Canada.

Friday Night:

I had expected that on the trip I would meet people with incredible lives, but what I met tonight I could have never of guessed.  I met God.

We visited Morgan Freeman’s club Ground Zero for dinner and to hear local musicians.  The band was excellent and prompted a few of us to go up and dance to the music.  The guitarist stood in place and did not move around often, he wore a large cowboy hat and had a half buttoned up shirt.  At one point during one of their songs, the lead singer walked away from the stage and introduced the audience to Cowboy Neil.  Cowboy Neil walked to the center of the stage, began to sing, and was surprisingly good.  However, half way through the song, he lifted his guitar to his face, and played it with his tongue.  He only did it for about 5 seconds then stopped. I was at a loss for words of what I had just witnessed, but when he introduced us to his guitar Louise and asked it what it wanted him to do to it, and he played it with his tongue again, I realized I had been staring at a God.  

He played the guitar for a solid 30 seconds with only his tongue.  After he was done, and the lead singer went back up but did not feel as amazing as before.  We left shortly after and I immediately wrote about my experience when we got back to the house.  I will never forget Cowboy Neil.

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