Nicaragua March 9-10

by Philip

We took yesterday afternoon off to rest and practice on our performances. Niccolo and I practiced juggling the soccer ball for a little bit outside but it was too hot to continue. As a group, we practiced singing “Lean On Me.” Tom wrote down the lyrics and the chords and Alexander did a great job playing the guitar. Maia led the singing and I thought we sounded pretty good, but Joshua (age 6) didn’t like it.

After the singing, we played a couple rounds of “Mafia.” Maia was the narrator and I was the mafioso for the first round with Greg. We lost almost immediately because Niccolo was a good detective. The 8th grade Nicaraguita students arrived around 4:30 and took us the the school for a little dance session. Juan Carlos was the DJ and Tali led the group dancing and taught Alyssa. The students gave us some pizza with ham on it which was delicious.

After the dance party, I went to the park with my host brother Christopher. I met up with Alex and his host brother, Kevin. We played a little soccer in the the beautiful little arena they had. We won a couple games, but then we had to leave because were were only given a certain amount of time to play. I played some basketball in the park with some friends of Kevin’s friend, Joshua. I had a pretty good time and met someone who wanted to practice their English. His vocabulary was limited but his accent was pretty good.

We started the day with a big celebration for the 26th anniversary of the school. Each class said a poem by Rubén Daría, or a song or chant in support of the school and it was amazing. Interspersed in the performances of the school children we had our own performances. Alexander played a Bach piece skillfully on the guitar, Maia sang and played an Adele song beautifully, Greg read an original poem in Spanish with a great pronunciation and lots of subjunctive (!), and we all sang “Lean on Me.” The students loved our performances! We also performed a dance routine with some of the kids.

After the school party, we went to work with the Nicaraguita kids. The sixth grade, my class, was super excited to have me back in class. They kept asking me what my favorite food and favorite music was and I think they might be planning something with their teacher. The main teacher’s name is Amadilia and she teaches math and social studies. When they had English class, I wrote the classwork on the board and helped go over their sentences. It’s really interesting because most of the students make very similar mistakes including forgetting subjects and misusing verbs. We finished the morning with yet another dance routine that we practiced with another class. Hot and crowded, but lots of fun.

Check out our videos:

Digging ditch at Acahualinca School (from Wed.)

Nicaragüita School Song (from Friday)

Dancing at la Nicaragüita (from Friday)


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