Nicaragua March 10-11

by Maia

Yesterday afternoon, after our usual post-meal, deeply philisophical conversation with Tom, we were picked up by the 7th-grade class and brought back to La Nicaraguita to celebrate the 26th school anniversary with the upper school kids. We performed the same acts as in the morning, except for an older audience. Tali impressed everyone with a dance, and Alexander and I had a blast playing guitar and singing for everyone. Niccolo and Phil did a great job juggling a soccer ball. The Nicaraguan students also had a variety of dances, songs, and acrostic poems to entertain us with.

After the “actos” were over, the party began. Silvia, a bright and energetic teacher at La Nicaraguita, started things off with a game involving “chimbombas,” balloons. Despite my complete lack of desire to participate, I was elected to compete in a relay race to pop two balloons. Poor Niccolo got sat on, and ran into by Alex and I, but in the end we emerged victorious. Then came a very intense game of musical chairs, which Alyssa came very close to winning. Niccolo and Phillip then won a game of “bando bando,” which involved finding objects in the room such as a woman’s shoe, or a belt.

Then we all danced for the rest of the afternoon, and returned to Rafaela’s house for dinner. My sister and her good friend came to pick me up, and we walked over to Alex and his brother Kevin’s house to watch a movie. We picked up Greg on the way, and we all went over as a big group. We all crammed ourselves onto the couches, and watched Ouija, a well-known horror movie but with dubbed Spanish. I was not at all scared by the movie, but the antics of the other students (involving a plastic spider) were much more frightening.

This morning we went to work with Habitat for Humanity, painting what they call “Eco-Baños,” a type of outhouse that purifies waste before it enters the ground, while using as little water as possible. These bathrooms were donated to each of 100 families in the community where we worked who also benefitted each from a house built by Habitat. Each house ($5000) and each bathroom ($1000) were constructed for free, but only after all family members attended various required workshops involving family financing, sustainability, and construction for making additions to their new house. We were divided into small groups, and each given a brush and a pan of blue paint. My group of 4 was able to paint two Eco-Baños in a few hours! It was fun work and the families were so greatful to see how we were able to add color to the concrete bathrooms. One of the residents was a barber and gave Alex a very cool new haircut!

On the way home we stopped at a local school to eat lunch, making sure to give all of our waste to the dogs that were anxiously waiting. Before coming back to Rafaela’s, we stopped at a supermarket where the Nicaraguan students showed us all the interesting candy and other treats they had for sale. I was very happy with my purchace of goat milk lollipops. Now we are looking at all of Cheri’s photography, and waiting to go to the local park. I’m excited to see how much busier the park is now that it is the weekend.

Check out Tali’s dance


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