France March 9

France 1.jpg

by Cynthia

This morning Julia and I awoke around 7:30 and were downstairs at 8:30 for a breakfast of bread and jam, Nutella, and coffee.  Then we rushed out of the hotel and down the street to see the Musée d’Orsay.  I was simply blown away and instantly in love.  I worked my way from the top floor (the Impressionists, my favorite) to the bottom to the central sculpture hall.

We were soon off to our next adventure: Notre Dame.  Again, this was stunning; we all really loved the stained glass windows.  It was fantastic.

We had lunch and then headed to the Grande Mosquée de Paris that allowed us to visit the interior.  The geometrical tile designs and traditional horseshoe archways were very different from the traditional Paris architecture. There was a symmetrical garden with teal tiles that were instantly striking when you stepped through the front doors.  After walking around and admiring the tranquil space, we then proceeded to the Tea room that is an adjunct of the mosque. There we rested our legs in the agreeable atmosphere of the tea room.

That night we had dinner and went to the Huchette Theater and saw the Ionesco play La Leçon.  The show was strange but funny and we all enjoyed it. To finish the night we went to Place de la Concorde and rode the Grande Roue (giant ferris wheel), and could see the entire Parisian skyline which was breathtaking.

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