France March 10

by Paul

Today was a big day for us as we were going to explore one of the biggest landmarks of Paris and France — the Eiffel Tower. But before we did that, we had to get ready. I woke up feeling well rested for a change (don’t know if i can say the same for my friends), and we all went down for a really good hotel breakfast.

We then were off to the Louvre! It was just about the biggest museum that I had ever seen and if you wanted to see everything that the Louvre had to offer, it would supposedly take one three months day and night to fully explore this wondrous museum. For a few hours, we all walked around together exploring, of course, the Mona Lisa (because what else would you do at the Louvre besides possibly the thousands of other exhibits). We explored Italian paintings, French paintings, some very old and very valuable table settings, and jewelry. We then spent one more half hour to look at these two wonderful open courtyards with some very interesting and strange sculptures. It was an amazing experience, and our day was not even half over!

We set off for some lunch and all of us found this small sandwich shop which combined with a small cafe. We all had a really good lunch with paninis and pasta. We then took the metro (subway) to a Main Street in Paris which ended with L’Arch de triumph (The Arch of Triumph). This monument houses the burial site of a soldier who represents all the soldiers who died during WWI.

Finally we were off for The Eiffel Tower! We got off the metro and were greeted with a wonderful view of The Eiffel Tower and we took a group photo. We walked down towards the Tower and stopped by a merry-go-round which had two tiers. Of course we wanted to ride this, and we did, which was awesome.

Then we walked right up to The Eiffel Tower. It was stunning and was especially elegant when we walked right under it! I was so glad to have seen this as I had learned a lot about this Tower through an 8th grade project, and I finally got to see it in person.

We went back to our hotel for some much needed rest, and we then went back out to have a wonderful dinner of cheeseburgers (very French) and chicken burgers which were much different from American burgers and were amazing! We ended our day with a wonderful view from the top of the Tour Montparnasse, which ended our day with an amazing view of all of Paris and, of course, The Eiffel Tower!

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