Another Day in Mississippi

by Nodar Sotkilava

Day 3 March 8

Today has been an exciting day! As usual, we started our day working at the construction site with Ben and the others. It is challenging work but knowing that someone will benefit from it is rewarding in if of itself.  While others concentrated on their work, John and I, or Superman and Batman as Ben calls us, worked on getting the heater room set up for the heater. Our work day ended quickly because after lunch we headed towards Oxford. As we got there, we were greeted by the beautiful campus of University of Mississippi. Oxford is a nice little town filled with local shops and restaurants with plenty to do.

While we were there, we had five hours to kill before dinner so John and I walked around the town and campus. As we were walking we chatted about our past, present and future. This was a nice moment to reconnect because when we got to George School, our friendship grew farther apart from that of what we had in middle school. When dinner time rolled around, we all went to a place called, “Snackbar.” Judging from the name, I was expecting some kind of buffet but it was not at all what I thought. The restaurant was actually a nicely decorated place with an interesting mix of foods on the menu. While waiting for our food, our entire group shared laughs, fond memories, and our thoughts about the trip thus far. It has been an entertaining evening and I am enjoying my Mississippi Service trip so far!

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